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News from UAE

Expatriates may be hired in public positions on contract
Shaikh Sultan issues law on human resources in Sharjah.[read more...]

Dubai residents save Dh5m in power bills
Dewa's best consumer award winner reduced consumption by 37%.[read more...]

200 designers attend Expo 2020 workshop
Creative minds come together ahead of logo design competition which will close next week.[read more...]

The gold rush in Dubai
Festivals like Akshaya Tritiya push up demand for precious metal.[read more...]

Sky is not the limit for these teenagers
Emirati students tour US aerospace facilities, meet engineers from Nasa's Orion project.[read more...]

Stabbing probe reveals prostitution ring
The police raided the villa and arrested 12 men and nine women involved in obscene activities.[read more...]

News from Pakistan

Pakistan set to have highest level of forex reserves
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will have the highest ever foreign exchange reserves of the country of more than $18.29 billion by June 30, 2015, federal minister[read more...]

PTI has no evidence of rigging, claims PML-N
ISLAMABAD: The ruling PML-N claims PTI has submitted not a single evidence to prove the ruling party s involvement in the alleged rigging still the PM[read more...]

Obama rightly takes blame for Weinstein death
ISLAMABAD: The killing of kidnapped American aid worker Dr Warren Weinstein is more tragic in the sense that the blame for his death has been accepted[read more...]

Fate of PTI MNAs hangs by a thread
ISLAMABAD: As Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) and Pakistan People s Party (PPP) are apparently showing no interest in motions against eligibility of th[read more...]

MQMs victory confirms Azizabad constituency its real bastion of power
ISLAMABAD: The convincing victory of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Thursday s by-election in Karachi confirmed beyond an iota of doubt that th[read more...]

The secret of MQMs success
The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) won the NA-246 by-election securing 95,00 votes despite its tense relations with the Establishment, a hostile campa[read more...]

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